The Great Sign

The Great Sign


The Great Sign

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Attention- The Great Sign of Revelations 12 is upon us! As I was searching through settings in stellarium software, I stumbled upon a remarkable discovery; The Virgin appears to be weeping [forward to roughly 3:33 of the video capture]. Initially I was drawn to a very bright object near Jupiter. Stellarium labels the object as a meteor shower. In the Romanian Starlore setting of Virgo constellation, the constellation art changes to The Virgin Mary. The meteor shower is on her neck directly below her right eye, which I believe symbolizes tears falling on her neck. It is also notable that Jesus, represented by Jupiter is near her heart. Why would she be upset? Because she knows what is going to happen soon. Her Son, The Son of the Creator is returning and millions are not ready. She knows about the things we are about to endure. Please share this video with everyone you know as a witness and a warning to prepare. The Birth is due around September 3-9 of 2017 [The 4th is Labor Day!] and the pains will begin soon, followed by sorrows for the unprepared. Please prepare. Accept Jesus Christ-The Messiah- The Son of the Creator and be saved!

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    1. Thanks. You are one of the few comments that isn’t spam. I like the Last Knight Watch and hopefully we will all be transformed.

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